Kevin Gilmore

Kevin (The Hoon) Gilmore

January 27,1952 - January 20, 2022

Kevin is survived by Kathy his loving wife, his daughter Colleen, for whom he thought the sun rose just to shine on her, Chris who he liked so much that he deemed him worthy of marrying Colleen later this year. His sister Pat loved and understood him even when he spoke Hoonese. He emulated his big brother Eddie (Spider) who was influential in Kevin becoming the Hoon. There are so many in-laws, relatives, especially his nieces and nephews, and friends that there is not enough room to list them all here. Remarkably Hoon had room for all of them in his gigantic heart. Some people march to the beat of a different drum. That was not The Hoon. He needed an entire band and found one in the Grateful Dead. He didn’t so much march, he sashayed into so many lives and they were the better for it.

Lest anyone think that it was all play, Hoon was a worker. After graduating from Union Hill he spent the next forty years working for Bell Atlantic/Verizon. If you included overtime it was the equivalent of sixty years. He did that so that Kathy and Colleen would want for nothing. Despite working so much, Hoon was always there for them. He told a young Colleen that rain was good because it meant overtime. Prophetic words to a child that would someday cultivate flowers on a farm. A farm where after his retirement he would work alongside his daughter. She delighted in being his boss but more so for the gift of their time spent together. She paid him in chocolate milkshakes. It was his beverage of choice. One that he thought was the cure for whatever ailed him. No matter the problem it was always made better with a chocolate milkshake. In a perfect world it would be served with two straws and Colleen sitting across from him.

Lest anyone think that The Hoon was all work, he always found time to play. He loved games of chance. Anyone who was ever on vacation with him knew that the day began with Hoon getting lottery tickets. 586 was his number derived from a formula secretly concocted to reflect his and Kathy’s birthdays and their anniversary. But he also insisted that everyone participated by picking numbers and sharing the winnings. He was lucky and won often. He called it Hoon luck. The greatest example of Hoon’s luck was when he won the heart of Kathy, one of the Gorgeous Gordon Girls and she became his wife. In delirious celebration he decided only a grand gesture would suffice. He took Kathy to Hawaii for their Hooneymoon. In a typical Hoon move he did so while giving no thought to the fact that neither of them could spend much time in the sun. Kathy who knows that it is the little things that mean the most in expressing one’s love still has the drink stirrers from that trip. It was only one of many places that they would go over the years. To The Hoon an essential part of any vacation was organizing the menu for the day as soon as he woke up. Probably because it was what he was thinking about when he fell asleep the night before.

He was a ball buster extraordinaire, a prankster and a wanna be magician. He often asked Colleen to be his assistant. She willingly accepted knowing how magical he made her life. More snake charmer than Prince Charming The Hoon had one trick. It took many forms but the goal was always the same, to make your money disappear.

Hoon was one of the original Flying Mescalitos, a circle of friends that were more of a chosen family. With Hoon’s passing there is a hole in their hearts and in the circle. It will be made whole by a mixture of tears, Hoon stories and treasured memories of him. Lest after reading this anyone wonders who The Hoon is. He can be explained in four words.